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Experience the Ultimate Motorhome Adventure: Unleash the Power of the Blue Ox Baseplate Towing System!

Revolutionize your towing experience with Blue Ox Baseplates, the unrivaled choice for every American adventurer. Engineered to perfection, our custom-made baseplates seamlessly adapt to any towing situation, eliminating the need for drastic vehicle modifications. Crafted from robust steel, these baseplates effortlessly integrate into your motorhome's frame and bumper, ensuring durability and reliability in every journey.

What sets Blue Ox Baseplates apart is our groundbreaking design that takes dinghy towing to new heights. Our baseplates are engineered to flex and absorb shock during your drive, sparing your vehicle's frame from the brunt of bumpy terrains. Experience a smoother, safer ride as the weight is evenly distributed, reducing strain on your suspension system.

Unleash the aesthetic potential of your vehicle with Blue Ox Baseplates. Most of our models feature removable tabs, ensuring a sleek and streamlined look even with the baseplate installed. Say goodbye to unsightly brackets and cumbersome crossbar support beams. With our ingenious design, the tabs can be effortlessly removed when not towing, rendering the baseplate practically invisible to the untrained eye.

But it doesn't stop there. Blue Ox Baseplates have revolutionized safety standards with our state-of-the-art locking linchpin. Unlike other manufacturers that rely on cotter pins prone to coming loose, our locking linchpin ensures a secure connection, eliminating the risk of damage to your vehicle or potential accidents.

Embark on the ultimate motorhome adventure with Blue Ox Baseplate Towing. Unleash the power, reliability, and aesthetics that will elevate your towing experience to new heights. Discover why Blue Ox is the trusted name for every American explorer.

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Baseplates Engineered by Blue Ox
Safe & Easy
Engineered And Tested On Actual Dinghy For Custom Fit For A Simple System That Works With All Their Towbars and a simple approach to the front arms using only three different ones that are always in stock to keep you on the road

Each Baseplate Includes

Each Baseplate Includes
chassis mounting bracket,
safety cables,
all hardware necessary
front arms
detailed instructions
3 Year Warranty
Made In The USA Craftmanship

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Blue Ox Removable Tab or
Fixed Tab Series
Base Plate Brackets
Each and every Blue Ox Tow Bar Base Plate is designed specifically to fit the vehicle it was made for. The brackets are designed to limit drilling and eliminate welding to your Dinghy Flat-4-Down Tow Vehicle. This makes for a super easy and safe connection to your RV with the towbar baseplates two-point tabs that connect individually to a BlueOx Tow Bar with telescoping arms. The Tow Bar Base Plate Removable Tabs make the bracket all but disappear with a simple push-in and twist of the tab when not towing. It's like taking off your work clothes for a night out on the town!



The Leading Cause of Tow System Failure is Towing Out of Level
Confirm the Hitch Height is Correct

High Low Hitch Adapters come in 2,4,6,8 & 10 inches
Also 5,000 - 10,000 lb Towing Capacity
To See


Unique State Road Laws That RVers Should Know

Here are five reasons why you need supplemental brakes...

1. Safety
Supplemental brakes...
• ...take the load off the motorhome so that both
vehicles brake in tandem, taking significantly less
time and distance to come to a controlled stop.
• ...relieve stress on the tow bar and the mount-
ing brackets — a panic stop without supplemental
brakes is a leading cause of tow system failure.
• ...reduce the chance of catastrophic brake failure
at the motorhome, as a result of sustained braking.
2. It’s required
According to the American Automobile Association,
most states, plus many Canadian provinces,
now require supplemental brakes if the towed weight
exceeds 3,000 pounds (see reverse).
3. Chassis warranty
Workhorse/Chevrolet will void your chassis war-
ranty if you tow more than 1,000 pounds without
supplemental brakes; Ford stipulates 1,500 pounds.
4. Wear and tear
Because they aren’t braking for two vehicles, your
motorhome brakes last longer.
5. It just makes good sense
Every other trailer on the road today — a fifth
wheel, travel trailer, boat trailer or a semi-trailer
— has its own braking system. When you’re towing
two or three extra tons, shouldn’t you have a supple-
mental braking system to stop it?