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Blue Ox Tow Bars

  • Blue Ox tow systems encompass a wide range, spanning from 6,500 to 15,000 lbs.
  • Blue Ox, prides itself on setting the benchmark in the industry, through our top-of-the-line tow bar models.
  • These models boast extended legs, surpassing the standard length by an additional 2 inches. This extra space between the tow vehicle and the flat towed vehicle offers greater convenience.
  • Furthermore, our tow bars feature patented non-binding latches, enabling quick disconnection even in the most challenging terrains.
  • Premium powder coat finish complements any coach or tow vehicle seamlessly.

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Apollo, Ascent & Avail Tow Bars 


    • Self-aligning for quick and easy hook-up
    • Off-set triple lugs and non-binding latches ease unhooking on uneven terrain
    • There is no centering pin, so it is easy to stow and store
    • Rubber boots to prevent dirt and debris from damaging the legs
    • Includes safety cables, 2 front arms, and pins
    • 2-inch & 2.5-inch Receivers Available.

Blue Ox Ascent 7,500 lb rated Tow Bar BX4370:
Experience the power of the Ascent 7,500 lb rated Tow Bar, which is light and made from aircraft-grade aluminum, designed for smooth and reliable towing.

Blue Ox Avail 10,000 lb rated Tow Bar BX7420:

The Avail Tow Bar is your ultimate towing companion, engineered for precision and safety.

Blue Ox Apollo 15,000 lb Rated Tow Bar BX4370:

All steel construction. is a Class V, rated for larger towed vehicles with 15,000 lbs towing capacity.

Blue Ox Alpha 2 6,500 lb. Rated Tow Bar BX7380 :

The Alpha 2 BX7380 is a Class III tow bar constructed of steel and is rated for towing up to 6,500 pounds and with baseplates that have a maximum tab width of 32in. The Alpha is self-aligning with a 3-axis swivel design. Hook-up becomes simplified using the auto-locking arms.

Blue Ox

Blue Ox Allure 10,000 lb rated Tow Bar (Pintle) BX7460P:

Class IV tow bar constructed of steel, with a product weight of 58 pounds, and rated to tow up to 10,000 pounds. With the extremely strong pintle connection, the Allure is dependable for heavy-duty towing.

Blue Ox Trion 20,000 lb Rated Tow Bar (Pintle) BX7520P

New Generation tow bar.

The 15,000 lb towing capacity Apollo tow bar is constructed primarily of high-quality tempered steel. Weighing in at only 54 pounds. The all-new Apollo has many new features not available on a motorhome-mounted tow bar. Such as improved turning radius, better cornering, and easier maneuvering around gas pumps by keeping the towed vehicle safely away from the motorhome in tight turns. Handles rough roads easily and has patented non-binding latches that release easily under any conditions.


Blue Ox Acclaim Tow Bar (Ball Coupler) BX4330:

    • constructed of steel, with a product weight of 45 pounds.
    • Rated for towing up to 5,000 pounds
    • Class III tow bar
    • For use with baseplates that have tab widths between 23-30 inches
    • 45 lbs product weight
    • Steel construction

Blue Ox Adventurer Tow Bar (Ball Coupler) BX7322:

    • 3-year warrantyThe Adventurer 5,000 lb rating BX7322 is a Class III tow bar constructed of steel. It is the lightest of the Class III tow bars,
    • Class III tow bar
    • 28 lbs product weight
    • Steel construction
    • 3-year warranty