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We are a very energetic team, highly trained in customer service. We are here to make your "on the road experience" easy and more enjoyable. Try us, test us and you will learn we are here to service your needs with personal attention to detail. Our extensive road experience helps us help you add ease to your RV travels.
Meet Our Family: Tom the DAD

A lot of companies out there say they are like a family, well, we really are. It’s not a Mom and Pop operation, but this is a Father and Sons operation until we add Grandchildren to the list. The expertise is well rounded without leaving the family. Our family goes back almost 100 years in retail. We all have our specialties (except for Dad who knows it all. Heheheyes that was poking fun at him) and no matter which of us you speak with, we are going to pool all of our talent together to accommodate you.
We are traditional, maybe you would call it “old school” when it comes to the customer. We prefer to take the time to find out what your needs are and helping you with great decisions. Trust as we adapt to a new stage in consumer shopping, we embrace the late night click to cart shopper, but all the same, nothing would make us happier than to talk the order through and build your solution with you. That is the real difference you are going to feel with RVCampChamp.com, we want to serve you, and to build a new relationship with every order.

We go the extra mile to insure all orders get shipped correctly the first time. Every order coming to us is reviewed to make sure each item number is the right match to your vehicle. When a question arises we will personally contact you to verify the information. We aim for 100% satisfaction and are right there. We are with you all the way from order through installation.

Call us at 1-877-736-CAMP (2267) and tell us about your family. We can’t wait to make you part of ours! You can also e-mail us at sales@rvcampchamp.com.

JD Working Hard

Thanks for visiting us,
The George Family
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RVCampChamp.com Reviews:

"I just finished installing and test towed the Blue Ox tow package for my Jeep Wrangler. This kit was flawless and very easy for the average fellow like me to install. I am very pleased with the knowledgeable help I received from JD at RV Camp Champ. With so many choices, JD just walked me through all that. The delivery was very quick."
Richard A.
Mesa, AZ

"Thank-you for being so helpful. We will certainly deal with you again."
Jennifer W.
Westport, ON. Canada

"Very very fast great to deal with"
Scott V.
Belpre, OH

"The very best service possible. never had a better sales person. Only will buy and deal with Tom George when I need anything. Hope you have more like him A true 5 star rating Thank you Tom From Ron"
Ron C.
AB, Canada