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New to Towing

  • RV Car Towing Equipment

    Looking to tow your car with your RV? You have three options:

    • trailer towing with four wheels up

    • using an RV car dolly, or

    • dinghy four-down tow bar towing.

    No matter which option you choose, we have everything you need to get your RV towing vehicles. From an RV car dolly to tow bars for RV travel, base plates, accessories, and more, use the sub-category menu above to find what you need.

    Three Ways to Tow Your Dinghy

    Trailer towing is perfect for those with cars that can't flat tow or for those who want to bring all their toys along. However, towing an extra 25 feet can be a hassle and some RV parks may not allow it.

    RV car dolly, you can tow multiple cars that are towable with two or more wheels down. Just keep in mind that storage, maintenance, and registration requirements vary by state.

    Dinghy four-wheeled down towing is the most convenient and worry-free way to bring a dinghy along, but not all vehicles can be towed four wheels down. To tow your car four-down, you'll need a

    1. Vehicle-specific tow bar baseplate.
    2. A towbar that matches the tow bar base plate,

    3. An RV towing taillight solution,

    4. Supplemental RV braking system like the Blue Ox Patriot Brake.

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    We're here to help you find the best solution for your needs, and customer service always comes at no extra cost. So, whether you're looking for Blue Ox, Blue Ox Hitch, Baseplate, Towbar baseplate, flat towing, RV towing, dinghy vehicle towing, safety chains, flat-tow vehicles, supplemental braking systems, base plates, Blue Ox base plates, Blue Ox towing systems, dinghy towing, or any other RV towing equipment, we have you covered at RVCampChamp.com.

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