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Shop RVCampChamp.com's great prices and selection for a Great Buy on a Complete RV Tow Package - Tow Bar, Custom Tow Bar Base Plate, and Tail Light Wiring Towing Accessory Kit. Each towing package has been expertly put together using the very best components from Blue Ox, and Roadmaster.
Please remember that every Blue Ox and Roadmaster tow bar base plate mounting bracket has a unique custom vehicle-specific fit.
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Are you starting from scratch setting up a new tow vehicle for your RV adventures?

At RVCampChamp.com, we have put together top-notch equipment in convenient complete 1-Click packages from the top RV Hitch Towing names such as Roadmaster, Blue Ox, and Demco. If you need a Tow Bar Package for a Jeep Wrangler, or a Honda CRV, or anything between around or next to... Even a GMC Terrain we have covered with a complete Tow Bar Package that makes it safe and easy connections from RV Hitch to Tow Vehicle Tow Bar Base Plate.

Feel Safe With The Champ We Only Ship The Most Current Equipment

All Packages Include:

  1. Tow Bar (Brands: Blue Ox, Roadmaster, or Demco)
  2. Vehicle Specific Tow Bar Base Plate that matches Tow Bar Connection
  3. An Accessory / Combo Kit (Tail Light Wiring, Cable, Tow Bar Locks, Tow Bar Cover & More)

*Supplemental Braking Systems are Sold Separately and May Be Required By Law In States You Travel, Call Us For Help With Brake Selection and Best Pricing At 877-736-CAMP.