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To tow or not to tow? The better question is how will you tow your vehicle?

Instead of going out of your way to pay expensive daily or weekly rates for a car rental, use that money to make a one-time investment in an RV car towing system. There are three options for towing a car behind an RV:

  • Four wheels up on a trailer
  • Four wheels down with a tow bar
  • Two wheels up and two down on a tow dolly

All options have their pluses and minuses, and no matter what works best for you we have everything you need to get your RV towing vehicles. Use the sub-category menu above to find an RV car dolly, tow bars for RV travel, base plates, accessories and more!

Three Ways to Get Your RV Towing Vehicles

Trailer Towing with four wheels up is great for folks who have cars that don’t flat tow or for travelers that have more toys than just one car to bring. You can bring it all along when you use a trailer including 4wheelers, bikes, tow vehicle and more. Having the ability to transport all your gear is great, but towing 25 extra feet isn’t for everyone, and can be a hassle at some RV parks. You’ll also need to factor in additional time for set up and tear down as well as storage options when you’re not RVing.

Using an RV car dolly offers some advantages over the trailer. First off, some cars can only be towed with a trailer or tow dolly, but the nice thing about a tow dolly is it can be used for multiple cars that are towable with two or more wheels down. The down side is storage, extra maintenance and some states require registration and licensing. If a RV car dolly is your only option and storage space is a concern, take a look at the Demco Kar Kaddy SS for the storage advantages.

"Dinghy" Four-Down Tow Bar Towing is (once set up) the most convenient, worry-free means of bringing a dingy along on your adventure. The new motorhome mounted bar technology makes flat towing hook-ups incredibly easy. The disadvantages of four down towing are minimal, but there are a few areas that can be bothersome, like not being able to back up while connected. Also keep in mind not all vehicles can be towed four down.

You will need 4 things to tow your vehicle 4-down:

  1. A vehicle specific tow bar base plate by Blue Ox or Roadmaster
  2. A tow bar that matches the tow bar base plate: Blue Ox or Roadmaster make great tow bars for RV travel.
  3. An RV towing tail light solution (wire kit and coiled cable needed) and/or a Combo Kit
  4. A supplemental RV braking system

Want even more information? Call us at 877-736-2267 or email at sales@rvcampchamp.com and we’ll come up with the best solution for your needs. Even if you know what you want, it never costs more to create a plan with an RV specialist and place your order with a real live person. At RVCampChamp.com customer service comes at no extra cost.

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Single Hook 64" 6,000 lb Cable, 2/pk | 645 Roadmaster 64 inch Single Hook, Straight Safety Cables - 8,000 lbs

Roadmaster 64 inch Single Hook, Straight Safety Cables - 8,000 lbs

List Price: $59.95
US$ $55.95
Demco 9517064 Custom Baseplate 1998-2000 Chevrolet Metro Demco 9517064 Custom Baseplate 1998-2000 Chevrolet Metro

Demco 9517064 Custom Baseplate 1998-2000 Chevrolet Metro

US$ $582.58
US$ $539.95
Savings: $42.63
Roadmaster-116-1-Crossbar-Style-Baseplate-PONTIAC-SUNBIRD-1987-1988 Roadmaster-116-1-Crossbar-Style-Baseplate-PONTIAC-SUNBIRD-1987-1988


US$ $550.00
US$ $499.58
US$ $485.00
Savings: $65.00
Roadmaster 1208-1-Crossbar-Style-1980-1991-VOLKSWAGEN-VANAGON Roadmaster 1208-1-Crossbar-Style-1980-1991-VOLKSWAGEN-VANAGON

Roadmaster 1208-1-Crossbar-Style-1980-1991-VOLKSWAGEN-VANAGON

US$ $550.00
US$ $499.58
US$ $485.00
Savings: $65.00