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Roadmaster Motorhome Mounted Tow Bar What Tow Bar Is Best?

Modern Roadmaster Tow Bar technology makes a safe dinghy connection easier than ever. Although towing capacity is a factor in selection, the biggest part of selection of the new hitches really boils down to features and convenience of whether you are looking for a Motorhome Mounted Tow Bar or a Dinghy Tow Vehicle Mounted Tow Bar. Either way, you'll also need a Tow Vehicle specific Tow Bar Base Plate to connect the RV and the Car / Truck

Regardless of the style you are looking for, RVCampChamp.com carries the very best brand name solutions. Call us for help selecting the right Towbar / RV Towing Solution for you.

Motorhome Mounted Tow Bar Benefits:
  • Easiest "Toad" (Towed Vehicle) connection
  • Handling weight is reduced effort due to bulk of Towbar weight supported by RV Receiver Hitch
  • Folds up and stays on RV when not in use
  • Greater towing capacities
  • No need for trailer hitch ball - Mounts directly into existing RV Receiver Hitch with pin or lock

"Dinghy" Tow Vehicle Mounted Tow Bar Benefits:
  • Price - Vehicle mounted tow bars are the usually least expensive option offered
  • RV, Semi Tractor, Bus and other Vehicle Transport Professional convenience of folding up the Tow Bar on the Tow Bar Base Plate and storing on the "Shuttle" vehicle
  • Easier to use with multiple towing vehicles
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Roadmaster Classic Tow Bars

The Classic Tow Bars series, first introduced in 1986, offers time-tested and time-proven reliability and endurance. This series also features a powder-coated finish, stainless steel moving components and a full-length crossbar for additional safety. Four tow bars — the Falcon 2, StowMaster, StowMaster Pintle and Tracker — are available in this series.

Roadmaster All-Terrain Tow Bars

The Roadmaster All-Terrain Tow Bar series, first introduced in 2003, offers all the great features of the Roadmaster Classic Tow Bars but with the added benefit of the All-Terrain features. The unique features that only a Roadmaster All-Terrain Tow Bar can deliver help you achieve an amazingly smooth and safe “Flat Four Down-Dinghy” towing experience on all types of roads.

Roadmaster All-Terrain Key Features:

1.Freedom Latch

·Patented cam design transforms linear motion into rotary motion

·Eliminates Tow Bar binding between Base Plate and RV Hitch

·Quick Release lever on Telescoping Tow Bar Arm to release un-even ground tension while Tow Bar is connected to Base Plate and RV Hitch

· Makes connecting the Towed Vehicle to your Motorhome a snap by adding in the ease of the Telescoping Tow Bar Arms

2.Storage Latch

·Roadmaster Motorhome Mounted Tow Bars simple fold up toward the RV and the storage latch will click, automatically locking it in place on the rear of the Motorhome. List of Roadmaster Motorhome Mounted Tow Bars: Sterling All-Terrain Tow Bar, BlackHawk 2 All-Terrain Tow Bar, and Falcon All-Terrain Tow Bar

·Roadmaster Tow Vehicle “Dinghy”Mounted Tow Bars fold up on the Tow Bar Crossbar that is attached to Tow Bar Base Plate where the latch will click in place and lock automatically for secure storage on the front of the Tow Vehicle

3.Built-In Tow Bar Cable Channel Guides

·No wrapping cables

·RV Towing Safety Cables (straight) are routed through built-in channels for clean look and tangle free use.

·RV Towing Electrical Cables (straight) are routed through built-in channels for clean look and tangle free use. This also provides added safety from cuts and electrical shorts

4.Solid Stainless Steel Inner Arms

·Smooth long lasting durability

·“Trouble-Free” operation

·Easy maintenance

5.High Quality Super Durable Finish

·Paint fused to metal via a process of charged particles of pigment being sprayed onto the surface of the Tow Bar and then baked hardened at over 400 degrees!

·Complete uniform thick and durable Powder-Coated finish is three times stronger than solvent-based paint

6.Computerized Testing

·Roadmaster uses computerized testing on every new Tow Bar design in addition to “real world” live product testing.

·Roadmaster was the first RV Towing products manufacture to use the testing in an effort to create the safest and strongest Tow Bars and Base Plate connections available for RV Motorhome Four Down Dinghy Towing

7.Quick Disconnects

·Included with most Roadmaster Tow Bars ( not included with Roadmaster Tracker Tow Bar)

·Makes connections of the Tow Bar to the Tow Bar Base Plate quick and easy

·Two plate system – One side for Tow Bar, and one side for Tow Bar Base Plate

·The Tow Bar plate is usually integrated into the Crossbar

·Makes connecting Tow Bar and Tow Bar Base Plate go from bolts to quick lynch pins saving you time better spent enjoying your trip than fighting a Dinghy Tow Vehicle to Motorhome connection.


·For added strength when using a Roadmaster XL Tow Bar Base Plate, Roadmaster EZ Tow Bar Base Plate or Roadmaster Classic Tow Bar Base Plate

·Also used to hold Stowmaster Tow Bar when being stored on front of “Dinghy” Four Down Tow Vehicle

·Required for use with Roadmaster Stowmaster Tow Bars

·Does not work with Roadmaster MX Tow Bar Base Plates, MS Tow Bar Base Plates, EZ4 Tow Bar Base Plates, or EZ5 Tow Bar Base Plates. (Stowmaster Tow Bar only works with XL, EZ, EZ2 and Classic Tow Bar Base Plates)