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SAFETY: The Leading Cause of Tow System Failure is Towing Out of Level

Optimum Height Variation is 0" Optimum 3" Maximum

High Low Hitch Adapters come in 2,4,6,8 & 10 inches
Also 5,000 - 10,000 lb Towing Capacity
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EASY: Stop Pulling Fuses to Flat Tow Your Vehicle

Here are four excellent reasons to stop pulling fuses

. You've spent enough time with your face on the floor mat.

. Adventures in electricity can be, well, electrifying.

. Chiropractors are expensive.

. Engine lubricant is not a fashion accessory.

How about if you never had to spend another

a minute with your face on the floor mat, gazing up into a black void, hunting for a minuscule piece of plastic playing hide and seek?

You don't have to.

FuseMaster eliminates the necessity of having to remove a fuse for towing, then having to reinsert it for driving. After it's installed, you simply flip a switch to accomplish the same task.

There are several FuseMasters which, collectively, fit most vehicles which must have fuses removed for towing.

Find out if your vehicle needs one

SAFETY:Look Below for the #1 asked Question.

Do I Need A Brake?

Five Reasons You Need Supplemental Brakes

1. Safety

- Take the load off the motorhome so that both vehicles brake in tandem, taking significantly less time and distance to come to a controlled stop.

- Relieve stress on the tow bar and the mounting brackets.

  • A panicked stop without supplemental braking is a leading cause of tow system failure

- Reduce the chance of catastrophic brake failure at the motorhome because of sustained braking

2. It’s Required

According to the American Automobile Association, most states and many Canadian provinces now require supplemental brakes if the towed weight exceeds 3,000 lbs (1,3060 kg)

3. Chassis Warranty

Workhorse/Chevrolet will void your warranty if you tow more than 1,000 lbs (454 kg) without supplemental braking and Ford stipulates 1,500 lbs (680 kg)

4. Wear and Tear

- Without a brake the tow bar stops the dinghy, squeezing the bar on each stop and stretching on acceleration. Much like an accordion. Possible cause of tow bar failure.

  • Because they aren’t braking for two vehicles, your motorhome brakes may last significantly longer than without additional braking

5. It Just Makes Sense

Every other trailer on the road today, a fifth wheel, travel trailer, boat trailer, or a semitrailer, has its own braking system. When you’re towing two to three extra tons, supplemental braking just seems obvious.