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Blue Ox Tow Package and a Patriot 3 Brake

Blue Ox Complete Towing Packing Make For a Safe & Easy Solution.
Everything necessary to Tow Your Dinghy.
Includes the Baseplate with all the Hardware, Safety Cables, and Front Arms for the Towed Vehicle.
A Tow Bar With Safety Cables and an
Accessory Kit With Electrical Cord (for between the Motorhome and Towed Vehicle). Complete wiring kit that includes Bulbs and Diodes, (Your Choice Which The Towed Vehicle Requires). Tow Bar cover to Keep the Tow Bar Road Grime Free and Tow Bar Locks that keeps your Tow Bar Safe.
Some Installs may Require A Drop Hitch to Keep the Tow Bar Level.
A Brake is A Must for Safety and Tow Bar Protection.

Unique State Road Laws That RVers Should Know

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