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Diodes are frequently used in wiring kits to prevent the backflow of current to the electrical system of the towed vehicle or motorhome; however, many newer vehicles now use a multiplex wiring system, whereby multiple electrical signals may be sent down a single wire (brake and taillights, for example). This is called variable voltage.

If your vehicle has variable voltage, you need Smart Diodes. If it doesn't, choose from the options below.

Hy-Power Diodes
Diodes are used to tie into the towed vehicles' brake light, running light, and turn signal wiring, and connect it to the motorhome. Diodes permit electrical current to flow in only one direction — from the motorhome to the towed vehicle's taillights — preventing electrical feedback and the damage it can cause to both vehicles' electronics.

If you're using a diode, why not use the best? ROADMASTER's Hy-Power diodes have a heavy-duty aluminum heat sink, and each diode is protected against the elements — all components are housed inside an epoxy-sealed, powder-coated aluminum case.

Four-pack required for most vehicles. Includes detailed wiring instructions.

Park Light Diode
Problem: Electrical damage can occur to the towed vehicle if its headlights are turned on while still connected to the motorhome.
Solution: Use a Park Light Diode to stop any interaction between the two park light systems, preventing electrical feedback and electrical damage.