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Roadmaster Suspension Solutions

Motorhome manufacturers make your RV livable. We help make your motorhome drivable.

We’re the suspension experts.

Do you need a custom suspension component?
Steering Stabilizer is quality crafted and engineered for practically all motorhomes, RV’s, tow vehicles, on today’s highways.

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Every “yes” to the following questions is a “yes” for an anti-sway bar, a steering stabilizer and/or a trac bar...
Does the vehicle “roll” when cornering?
Does driving for an extended period of time leave you physically exhausted?
Do passing trucks and crosswinds rock your vehicle back and forth?
Is your rig all over the road — can’t keep it between the lines?
Would you lose control if one of the front tires blew out?
Does the steering wheel have a mind of its own?
Is driving a ‘white knuckle’ experience?