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Riding comfort, driving performance, and safety while operating your motorhome is all dependent upon the suspension system. As anyone who's ever driven a large motor coach with standard factory suspension can attest to, the experience can, at times, be hair-raising when it comes to over-steering due to crosswinds, the passing of fast-moving semi-trucks, winding roads, potholes, and road ruts, to name just a few common hazards.

Roadmaster Suspension Components are quality crafted and engineered for practically all motorhomes, RV’s, tow vehicles on today’s highways.

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Roadmaster Suspension Solutions Anti-Sway Bars SWAYBAR KIT
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Roadmaster Suspension Solutions Anti-Sway Bars SWAYBAR KIT
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Perfect RV Anti-Sway Bar

For many, any long-distance driving in a motorhome can be an exhausting experience ending with a stiff neck, sore arms, back and shoulders plus a "white-knuckle" driving headache. All this is the result of your vehicle not tracking faithfully down a "centerline," and a lack of stability in the presence of shifting weight and side-to-side motion caused by imperfect road conditions. An aftermarket RV anti-sway bar offers a solution to these problems and the Roadmaster suspension featured here is one of the best available. Often referred to as the Roadmaster RSSA, which stands for Reflex Steering Stabilizer Anti-sway unit, the system utilizes a large, tempered-steel spring for automatic centering of the front wheels. This is integrated with a hydraulic damping valve, similar to a heavy-duty shock absorber (only installed horizontally rather than vertically), that absorbs the side-to-side movement caused by external forces such as strong winds or even a front tire blowout.

One minute riding in your motorhome after installation of a new Roadmaster anti-sway bar system will provide all the evidence needed to convince you that you would never choose to drive another mile in a motorcoach without one of these highly efficient suspension systems upgrades. Installation is quick and easy, normally only requiring the use of eight bolts (included), and kits are available for more than 150 different motorhome models.

The ‘return-to-center’ concept and how it works…
Take the spring from a ballpoint pen. Hold each end with a thumb and index finger and squeeze it toward the middle. Feel the pressure pushing your fingers apart? Now, gently extend the spring. Feel the pressure of the spring pulling your fingers back to the neutral position? That’s what physicists call ‘memory,’ or the ability of a material to return to its original state.

Reflex Steering Stabilizers have a tempered steel spring secured at both ends to a specially designed and valved steering damper. One end of the stabilizer is attached to the tie rod itself; the other end is securely fastened to the chassis undercarriage. When the steering stabilizer is compressed, the spring pushes back to the neutral position. When extended, the spring pulls back to the neutral position. No matter what vehicle you have, your Reflex Steering Stabilizer installs in one hour, with no drilling or welding required.

What Reflex Steering Stabilizers can do for you…

  • On a front tire blow out When you blow out a front tire on your RV, the first thing that happens is the motorhome tries to make an abrupt and severe turn toward the blowout, causing you to head either into oncoming traffic or off the road. The Reflex Steering Stabilizer helps you control this situation using positive ‘return-to-center’ physics.
  • Crosswinds and passing traffic One of the most common problems RVers experience today is high crosswinds caused by passing traffic. Today’s motorhomes are larger and more susceptible to these winds. When an 18-wheeler passes you, the air in front of the truck has to be moved aside. And if you are in its way, it tries to push you along with it. The Reflex Steering Stabilizer is always working to keep your steering centered, prevent oversteering and help control the RV more effectively.
  • Road fatigue Imagine: you just left home this morning and would really like to make the campground by nightfall. It’s been five hours of heavy traffic and the sun has been shining in your eyes the whole way. Naturally, you would become fatigued. But even as your strength and response times lag, the Reflex Steering Stabilizer is using its hydraulic cylinder and spring system to keep the steering wheel centered.
  • Rut tracking Although the highways are better, smoother and safer these days, ruts still exist. It’s not a problem until you try to change lanes or pass a vehicle; then, there is a likelihood the ruts could cause you to oversteer. With the Reflex Steering Stabilizer on board, your actions will become easier and eliminate overcompensation when steering out of a rut.
  • Road edging Whenever your tire temporarily drops off the edge of the pavement, it can startle even the most careful of drivers. But when your RV tends to follow the path of least resistance — heading downhill — it can be downright dangerous. This is compounded when the edge is deep or the shoulder is soft. The Reflex Steering Stabilizer will work hard to keep you going straight down the road — helping control the RV long enough to get you back on the right track.
  • Potholes and debris With the Reflex Steering Stabilizer in place, the motorhome will stay straight and go in the direction you wish to travel. While potholes and debris will cause you to move, we want that to be your decision — not the motorhome’s
For many, this is an empowering experience. What was beyond their control, just yesterday, is suddenly within it — cornering with confidence, quicker maneuvering, and a remarkable level ride over uneven terrain — all without launching the dishes out of the cupboard. And even after eight or 10 hours at the wheel, they arrive fresh, instead of fatigued, which means they can start enjoying the Grand Canyon, the Grand Tetons, or the grandkids right away.

Read what ROADMASTER customers say about this product...
“I had the (anti-sway) bars installed and the results were dramatic. The notorious Texas high plain winds could not unhook us from the highway and hard curves at 60 mph became routine. I seemed to have glass walls between myself and passing trucks. I was nothing less than thrilled with the sway bars at road speeds.”
—S. Thornton, Bellevue, WA

Read what ROADMASTER customers say about this product...
“I had a Reflex steering stabilizer installed, and the difference was night and day — my Class C motorhome handles like a sports car. The stabilizer keeps the steering centered, no matter what the road throws at me. Ruts, bumps and hairpin curves are no problem. My steering wheel doesn’t belong to potholes any more — it belongs to me.”
—J. Miller, Portland, OR