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TorkLift Super Hitch

The SuperHitch Towing Series by Torklift International is the safest most versatile towing system available.

The SuperHitch Magnum is rated at an incredible 2,000 pounds tongue weight and 20,000 pull. The Original SuperHitch also carries a significant capacity rated at 1,700 pounds tongue weight and 17,000 pull.

The high tongue weight capacities are critical to ensure that your customers are safely towing their loads. Often times trailer manufactures will design their trailers with the trailer's axle placement set back towards the rear of the trailer due to the trailers intended use.

On trailers like, toy haulers, equipment trailers, horse trailers, car trailers, enclosed trailers etc. a major amount of weight is common due to the manufactures rearward axle location.

On these types of trailers the vertical load (commonly referred to as tongue weight) rests at the front of the trailer resulting in significant strain on the tow vehicles hitch equipment. If the trailer hitch systems tongue weight rating is not at least marginally higher than the trailers actual measured tongue weight (when the trailer is loaded) catastrophic hitch failure can occur. Trailer hitch towing system failure from inadequate towing system tongue weight ratings is the most common cause of accidents related to trailer hitch failure.

The SuperHitch Series is the only hitch line in the industry with hardened reinforced hitch pin locations. The reinforcement prevents what is commonly known as "egging out" at the site. Once the hitch pin locations egg out, the hitch is damaged and may need to be replaced. Your customers don't have to worry about this with the SuperHitch line.

The dual receiver system allows for added strength and use of a high capacity receiver hitch extension if needed along with the allowance of accessories to be inserted into the top receiver.

The SuperHitch line is vehicle specific with most applications being no-drill.

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