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SwayPro® Weight Distributing Hitch

Imagine this: you and your family have loaded your travel trailer and are heading to your vacation destination. On the road, you are about to pass an 18-wheeler. As the truck passes, your trailer begins to sway back and forth or fishtail. If you have ever experienced this, you know how scary it can be and that maintaining control can be quite difficult. Trailer sway is one of the main causes of accidents involving trailers and, for many people, it is the reason they put their trailer away for good after only a few trips. The good news is that, with the use of our hitch, the SwayPro, you can prevent sway in any type of weather.

  • Prevents Sway in any weather
  • Easy to Use no pins or clips
  • Backup without disconnecting
  • Quickly hookup and disconnect
  • Inter-changeable spring bars
  • Limited Lifetime warranty
Stop Trailer Sway Before it Starts
SwayPro by Blue Ox is a weight distributing hitch that prevents trailer sway. SwayPro relies on tension to keep its spring bars taut and the brackets ensure that pressure from the spring bars will keep the trailer in line with your towing vehicle. SwayPro uses weight distribution technology with built-in trailer sway prevention. It is computer designed and geometrically optimized to ensure the highest quality trailer sway prevention and weight distribution without extra adjustments. Sway prevention is built into the hitch head, which has an open design, allowing for easy access to tighten the hitch ball. With this built-in sway prevention, in the event that your trailer would sway, one of the sway bars becomes more loaded than the other, keeping the trailer centered and in line with the towing vehicle. This built-in sway prevention is safer than traditional friction sway controls that are designed to slow down the trailer sway, but does not bring the trailer back in alignment with the towing vehicle.
Easy to Use Design
SwayPro is designed with the user in mind, making it the most user-friendly trailer sway prevention system on the market today. Enjoy the ease of quickly hooking up and disconnecting the trailer. There is no need to disconnect prior to backing up. There is no need for friction pads, resulting in a smooth and quiet ride. There are no additional clips or pins thanks to the self-locking spring bars that automatically lock into place by simply rotating the bar 90 degrees. The spring steel bars are able to flex for optimal sway prevention and weight distribution. SwayPro has a limited lifetime warranty. The SwayPro hitch is compatible with a variety of towing vehicles from minivans to large ¾ ton pickups. Simply determine what type of vehicle and hitch head you will be using, the type of trailer coupler your travel trailer is equipped with, and select the appropriate tongue weight. Join the other 65% of vehicles on the road who trust the safety, quality, and durability of Blue Ox products. For questions about ordering a SwayPro or any other Blue Ox products, please contact our Customer Care team.