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Dinghy “toad” tow vehicle a “hidden” hitch when not towing behind your motorhome or truck camper. Features include:

  • Made In The USA!
  • Engineered to make vehicle towing easy and safe.
  • Blue Ox tow bar base plates are designed for a custom vehicle specific fit accommodating easier installation that requires no drilling depending on the vehicle.
  • Blue Ox tow bar base plates are covered by a 3-year warranty and qualify for free shipping.
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Why are Blue Ox base plates vehicle specific? Blue Ox base plates connect directly to the tow vehicle’s undercarriage for a safe and sturdy connection. That’s why the base plates are specific and not universal. Every Flat 4 RV tow-able vehicle has different shapes and ideal mounting points. Blue Ox uses advanced design software and testing equipment to create the best on-road towing results in each Blue Ox base plate.

Easy to Install Blue Ox Tow Bar Parts Made Right Here in the USA

At RVCampChamp, we love the MADE IN AMERICA stamp of Blue Ox base plate products. Blue Ox makes all of their safe and easy to use base plates in their Nebraska plant. They are designed to make installation at home or your local car shop as easy as possible.

  • Qualified mechanic/installer can install the Blue Ox base plate in about three hours.
  • Blue Ox base plates come with detailed installation instructions.
  • Blue Ox recommends using a qualified installer, but many “do it yourselfers” do their own base plate installation.

If you are planning on installing your Blue Ox base plate yourself, you can download tow bar base plate installation instructions from RVCampChamp.com’s vehicle specific page. Just use our easy “selector” at the top of our “Blue Ox Base Plates - Mounting Brackets” category to find your tow vehicle then click on the base plate’s PDF installation instructions link on the product page.

The base plate is the one main item of the RV car towing setup that’s vehicle specific. A Blue Ox tow bar base plate must be ordered for your specific “dinghy toad” vehicle. However, your Blue Ox tow bar is universal, and your tail light wiring will also likely be universal.

Our online tools make it easy to find the Blue Ox tow bar parts for your vehicle. But if you’d like assistance or just confirmation of your Blue Ox base plate vehicle selection, please call our customer service department for some free advice and help placing an order with a person instead of your computer.

RVCampChamp has Free Shipping, great Price, and Selection on both Custom Blue Ox Tow Bar Base Plate Mounting Brackets and One-Click Complete Blue Ox RV Towing Package solutions!

**Many Removable Tab hidden connections brackets available.

  • Made In The USA.
  • Engineered to make vehicle towing easy and safe.
  • Each Blue Ox Towbar Baseplate is designed for a custom vehicle specific fit accommodating easier installation and limited to no drilling depending on vehicle.
  • Blue Ox Towbar Baseplates are covered by a 3 year warranty and qualify for free shipping!

    Call our specialist for help building a complete RV Tow Vehicle Package (877) 736-2267.
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The fact that Blue Ox has a baseplate for a particular vehicle does not imply the tow-ability of that vehicle. Please read your towed vehicle owner's manual and/or consult your dealer for the correct towing procedures for your vehicle.

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