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RV Hydralift Motorcycle Lift

If you're an RV owner and a motorcycle or scooter enthusiast too, the Hydralift Motorhome Hydraulic Lift is right up your alley. Designed for installation on just about any class "A" motor coach on the market, this RV motorcycle lift is undeniably the best, most functional unit made. It's the lightest weight yet strongest, most powerful motorcycle power lift sold, capable of handling a bike weighing as much as half a ton! It uses no pulleys, winches or cables, but employs specially designed hydraulics to deliver the safest, most dependable lifting possible.

Single Person Operation

Another huge benefit of this hydralift motorcycle lift is that the platform drops to almost ground level, allowing a single person to maneuver even a large bike into position to be lifted. This unit also brings the motorcycle to the most elevated position of any competing lift, increasing both security of the motorcycle and also increasing the amount of ground clearance. This RV power lift is supported by your RV's frame, not just a platform or ramp, so it's capable of handling significantly more weight than most lifts. It also automatically locks into place without the use of bolts or clips so requires no manual insertion or removal every time the unit is being raised or lowered.

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Hydralift Motorcycle Lift Motor Home Mounted Hydralift Garage Enclosure  HLGC42 Hydralift Garage Enclosure  HLGC42
Hydralift Motorcycle Carrier Lift
List Price: $4,829.39
Our Price: $4,899.00
Hydralift Garage Enclosure
List Price: $2,279.97
Our Price: $2,170.88
Hydralift Garage Enclosure
List Price: $2,279.97
Our Price: $1,529.29
Hydralift Universal Mountingg Brackets, 1 pr | FM624
Hydralift Universal Mountingg Brackets, 1 pr
List Price: $418.99
Our Price: $437.00

Available Hydralift Options

A variety of options are available for use in conjunction with the Hydralift, including specially designed wheel chocks, tie downs and a powerful LED ramp lighting kit. A sports adaptor is available to turn your Hydralift into a platform for transporting other vehicles such as golf carts, ATVs, snowmobiles or a pair of smaller scooters. For the ultimate in motorcycle protection, take a look at the optional garage enclosure. This tough, durable and lightweight reinforced nylon/canvas cover has an aluminum frame that protects your motorcycle while on the Hydralift but can also be removed and used as a stand-alone, portable motorcycle garage.